Hax4You – Download Ros Cheat 100% (VIP) for Rule of Survival

Hax4You is an amazing cheat which used as an alternate of Exiled Ros, we are here for the Rule of Survival hack which name is Hax4You. This cheat gives you VIP features with the help of this ros cheat you can win the game.

If you are playing Rule of Survival with Hax4You you can feel like an advanced player, because you get lots of features that are not available for the normal player such as Aimbot, Telekill, SEP, etc.

Hax4You - Download Ros Cheat 100% (VIP) for Rule of Survival

What is Hax4You?

Hax4You is the best Ros cheat to get VIP features. This cheat is working perfectly for a very long time, developer release updates regularly which prevents you from the ban.

Hax4You currently launched the 5.2 version which has very good functions.

Update Detail

Update V11.8 – 14/09/2021

Improved Loader Injection

Improved Connectivity

Improved Security

Improved GUI

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Hax4You Features

  • Anti Report
  • Anti Spectator

D3D Hack:

  • Wallhack
  • Color Chams (Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, White, Black)
  • Cross Hair


  • Player ESP
  • Player HP (Bar & Text)
  • Player Team
  • Player Box (Angular,3D,2D)
  • Player Pose
  • Item ESP
  • Item Distance
  • Loot ESP
  • Loot Distance
  • Vehicle ESP
  • Vehicle Distance


  • FOV
  • Aimbot Speed (Bar & Text)
  • Aimbot Target (Head, Neck, Body)


  • FOV
  • Target By (Distance & CrossHair)

Ghost Mode:

  • You will be invisible until you turn off this feature. Kill enemy by shooting them then immediately turn off the ghost mode.

Memory Hacks:

  • Speed Hack
  • Jump Hack
  • Go Up/Down
  • Vehicle Speed Hack
  • Walk Through
  • Walk In Jump
  • Auto Climb
  • Scope Hack
  • Fish Eye
  • Grave Mode
  • Fast Drop/Fast Paracute
  • No Fall Damage
  • No Grass
  • No Water
  • No Fog

How to Download and Install Hax4You Cheat

Note: For download and install first of all disable your antivirus. Because antivirus prevent you to download and install this cheat in your PC.

Dowloading this cheat of rule of survival is very simple we have given direct download link just download it and we have given installation procedure for PC with activation. Just follow it:

Step 1. Just download .exe file from below link

Download Hax4You Ros Cheat From here

Step 2: Go to Download section, where loader has been download and right click on loader and click on Run as administrator.

Download Hax4You Cheat

Step 3: After that click on activate button.

Download Hax4You Cheat

Step 4: After that your default browser will popup and bypass captcha by clicking on “I’m not a robot

Download Hax4You Cheat

Step 5: Click on Continue button

Download Hax4You Cheat

Step 6: After few seconds you will get link, click “Get Link” button

Download Hax4You Cheat

Step 7: Complete 4 captcha’s then your activation code will appeared copy it.

Download Hax4You Cheat

Step 8: Your Hax4You cheat is now activated, Go to Rules of Survival now!

Download Hax4You Cheat

Check Video Tutorial on How to install

Missing .Net Framework 3.5

If you are getting error missing .Net Framweork 3.5 just download this .net Framework then install activate in your PC.

Download Link

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