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Download Hax4You latest version from below link. This link is will be updated with latest version as soon as it will release.

Update V6.0 – 16/03/2021
Fixed black screen for some system
Fixed Some Issue
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Mirror 1 Download LINk


Download .net Framework 3.5 Download Link

Download Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013

Download Download MSVCP120.dll

Download MAC Address Changer

Version History

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 Fixed Crashing When using ITEM ESP
  Fixed ESP Display Text Bug
 Fixed Box and Line Bug
 Fixed Crash when loading
 Improved Flip/Underground Vehicle (It is now accurate)
 Added Player Angle/Camera (You  can see a line where your enemy is looking)
 Improved Spin Bot
‼️ Invisible Crouch will be available soon (For now it is available for devs and moderator to avoid getting abused)

 Added Dead Grass (Its like no grass but the grass is dead)
Added Escape Mode (Once you are down you will automatically invisible then Press R to reveal and get healed)
Added Safe Swim (You will be inside the water in your enemy perspective while your swimming)
Fixed Walk through bug when the game ends it will automatically on
Automatically turn off Fake lag and Spinbot when Ghost Mode or Invisible is on (To avoid getting killed by mistake)
Fixed Fast Car Reverse not working cause of previous update.
Improved Fly Hack (Going down speed is now same as Up speed)
Added Go Up and Down Stairs
Added Infinite Chute (Your character will stuck as you like while your parachuting. You must turn on this feature before jumping from the plane)
Added Walk Through Wall (Option: Always on and Press G)

Incase you missed it:

Added Anti 3 Days ban
Added Ghost Walk (10 to 15 Seconds invisibility).
Added Spin Bot (Only enemy can see you spinning).
Added Invisible Mode when Prone (Enemy can’t able  to see you when prone).
Added Fake Lag/Anti Aim (You will be laggy to enemy perspective).
Added No Running Animation (You will not walk in enemy perspective).

You get complete instruction on Exiled Ros page.