CyberHackID – Download Cheat Cyber PB 2021

Point Blank is a video game popular in South Asia, and its a first person shooter game. Poin Blank is developed by South Korean gaming company Zepetto for Windows PC. And we are here to give cheat for this game which is called as CyberHackID.

What is CyberHack ID?

CyberHackID is one of the popular cheat for Point Blank which is working nowadays, you will gets lots of hack with this, we have given complete details below:


Features of CyberHackID Point Blank Cheat

     – Check Tanggal / Date
     – Check Jam
2. Direct3D
    – CrossHair
    – WH ObServer
    – Esp Name
    – Esp Line
    – Esp Box
3. AIM
    – Macro Mode
    – Brust Weapon
    – No Recoil
    – Aim Bot (HEAD / BODY)
    – Aim bot Super [Head]
    – Aim Bot Keys
    – Aim Bullet
4. Player
    – Respawn In Death
    – Quick Respawn
    – Quick Change
    – Quick Reload
    – Speed Run
    – Wall Bug
    – Anti Fall Damage
    – Frog Jump
5. Special
    – Magnet
    – Unlock Weapon
    – SuperJump
    – Ghost Mode
    – Tutorial Magnet
    – Bypass Cheat Blocker

How to Download CyberHackID?

The downloading process is very simple, we have given a direct download link below just click on the button and go to the download page and download it:

Download Now

How to Install CyberHackID?

Follow the steps to install CyberHackID cheat on your windows device:

  • After downloading, extract zip file.

CyberHackID Installation

  • Open the Folder of CyberHackID and then open Point Blank and login.


  • After successful login, go to the CyberHackID folder and right click on “InjectFree” and choose “Run as administrator”.


  • Some process will start, after that click on Start button as shown in below screenshot.


  • Now, wait until the cheat blocker loads.


  • After some process, you will get this option on your screen click on the “Allow access” button.


  • After that, your game will open and you can see cheat on top left.


  • Press “Delete” To Show And Hide The Menu
  • Use Your “Arrow Keys” To On And Off The Function



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